Q: FEES - What are the fees for your services?

A: There are no 'service fees' added to any insurance you buy online; we are being paid by the insurance company.
However, if you require a paper copy we need to engage our Insurance Agent, for which we charge a handling fee of 500 CZK per insurance.

For registration at the Public Health Care system we charge a one-time fixed fee of 2500 CZK per adult because it takes several hours of preparation and at least 2 visits to the authorities to sort everything out. We do everything for you; you do not need to fill in anything and you do not need to go anywhere.

Q: PAYMENT - How do I pay for the Health Insurance?

A: For insurance on the spot the insurance agent accepts cash payments in CZK only. There are several ATMs close to our office.

If you do not like to / cannot pay in cash, then please pay in advance by (international) bank transfer or Paypal.
Note that any bank charges will have to be covered by you (select: costs paid by sender).

Q: PAYMENT - Do I have to pay for the entire Health Insurance in advance?

A: Commercial Emergency-, Complex Care- and Student Health Insurance need to be paid in full for the entire duration they are concluded. Proof of payment in full is required by the embassy / foreign police. If you get a visa for x months, the Health Insurance should also be valid for at least x months.

Public Health Care is not paid in advance, but you will need to pay monthly (by an automatic bank transfer or paying in cash at the post office / bank)

Q: COMPLIANCE - Does this Insurance comply to the Ministry of Interior Visa Requirements?

A: All insurance types sold by us comply to the regulations by the Ministry of Interior, including : minimum coverage of 1.5 M CZK (60.000 EURO) and coverage of repatriation expenses of 400.000 CZK.

The Ministry of Interior only accepts for Visa / Residence Permit purposes Health Insurance types that comply to their regulations. In practise this means that the insurance needs to be from a Czech-based Health Insurance company. We only deal with the largest insurance companies in Czech Republic.

The official Ministry of Interior text can be found here.

Q: COMPLIANCE - Is there a difference between 'Emergency' and 'Complex Care'?

A: All insurance types sold by us comply to the regulations by the Ministry of Interior, including : minimum coverage of 1.5 M CZK (60.000 EURO) and coverage of repatriation expenses. However, the limits for 'Complex Care' are generally higher. The 'Emergency' type is just a basic liability insurance and does not cover any medical costs other than acute ones.

Further, several embassies do not accept the 'Emergency' type for any visa application except tourist - since it covers nothing.

Lastly, when extending a visa, only a 'Complex Care' type is accepted.

Our advice: rather not take the cheap Emergency-type insurance; the savings do not outweigh the possible complications at the embassy, foreign police or hospital.

Q: FOREIGN INSURANCE - Is it possible to use a FOREIGN Health Insurance instead of a czech one?

A: YES and NO: in order to use a foreign Health Insurance for Visa purposes, it must comply to the regulations of the Ministry of Interior and secondly, Proof of Insurance and Terms & Conditions must be court translated. Court translations will cost more than an insurance of an Czech insurance company, and despite the court translations the foreign Health Insurance can still be refused by the embassy or foreign police.

EU Citizens are required to register in the czech Public Health Care if they are resident in Czech Republic - it is not advisable stay registered in another EU country or not register in any EU country. It will lead to complications down the line.

Our advice: do not bother, just take a czech commercial Health Insurance or register in the czech Public Health Care, because it will save a lot of hassle, possible visa refusal and risk of being refused at a medical facility.

Q: START DATE - It is possible to start the insurance on another day than today?

A: Yes, it is. Even if you currently have no health insurance at all, and/or you are waiting for the visa approval, you can already get insurance now. Make sure you buy enough months to cover the months before visa start and for the entire duration of the visa.

Also it is possible to buy health insurance now and let it start later. Generally, the starting date has to be within a year from now.

Q: REFUNDS - It is possible to get a refund for unused months?

A: As a rule of thumb, no refunds are possible for 'unused months', even when you did not enter Czech Republic. The insurance companies handle the policy of 'you bought it, you own it'

Only in very few, specific cases requests for refunds are accepted. If you upgrade to a more expensive type of the same company a refund request may be filed. However only Maxima refunds the insurance fee upon visa refusal (an official letter of the Ministry of Interior is required) and only PVZP refunds commercial insurance when changing to the VZP Public Health Care (and even then, reluctantly).

Q: MEDICAL SUPPORT - Can I go to any hospital with my czech Insurance?

A: Yes and No. Each insurance company has agreements with medical facilities. Some medical facilities support more than one insurance company. Therefore it is advisable to make sure the medical facility accepts your card. Also, in case of a serious medical issue, it is advisable to call the insurance customer service first - otherwise you may end up having to pay for the procedure yourself, or even worse: the insurance company refuses to pay because you did not report the insurance incident in advance.

By far VZP / PVZP has the widest network in Czech Republic (1000s of locations). If you live outside a big city, it is advisable to take VZP / PVZP, because with another insurance company you will have to pre-pay and file a request for re-imbursement. In Prague, the coverage for other insurance companies is better, so you can avoid the pre-payment and reimbursement hassle by going to a facility on the list. When living in Prague, Maxima is probably the best option, or VZP for EU citizens.

Q: PURCHASING ABROAD - Do I have to visit your office? Can you send the documents (abroad)?

A: You do not have to visit our office. The most common types you can Buy & Download from this website. But if you select a type you can't buy online, still all we need is a copy / scan of your passport and an address and we'll get the papers from the Insurance Agent (handling fee 500 CZK)

We require payment in advance (by bank transfer, Paypal, creditcard). Any bank costs have to be covered by you.

By default, we will send the insurance documents as a scan by email. Optionally we send the paper hard copy by registered mail or express mail / DHL. We do not charge for registered mail inside Czech Republic. However, Express mail and DHL costs are not covered by us and can be 1000 - 2.000 CZK (!) depending on speed and destination.

Q: DISCOUNTS - Lowest Price Offer, Discounts, Recommend a friend?

Lowest Price Offer: in case you see a better offer for the same Health Insurance somewhere else, just contact us and inform us about the competing offer; most likely we will be able to offer you the same, if not better price.

Discounts: In case you will buy Health Insurance for more than one person or you are a returning customer, contact us! Always some kind of discount is possible!

Recommend a Friend: Recommend a friend and both get a bonus!